About Electrical Codes

Residential home renovations in Edmonton require electrical permits to ensure the home meets current electrical code requirements in Alberta. Certified electricians must provide proof of certification and business license for all electrical work needed during renovation.

Not all electrical work requires a permit but for peace of mind regarding the inherent danger involved including fire, damage and harm to the Do-It-Yourselfer, you should have a certified electrician carry out most electrical repairs or installation.

Electrical codes change frequently and homes that do not meet electrical safety codes it presents unnecessary danger and can result in loss of property insurance.

Potential Electrical Code Violations in Alberta

  • Relocating or modifying an electrical panel
  • Inaccessible on/off switch for the furnace
  • Electrical panels that are not easily accessible
  • Three-way light switches are required at the top and bottom of staircases
  • Light switches located closer than 1 meter from the bathtub or shower
  • Outlets located closer than 1.8 meters from a closet or door
  • You have more than 12 outlets on a branch circuit
  • Non-tamper proof electrical outlets not more than 2 meters from the floor
  • Laundry rooms without a dedicated outlet
  • Bathroom outlets need to be CFGCI (ground fault circuit breaker)
  • Garage door openers need to be more than a meter from the outlet
  • Dryer appliance requires a 14-30R outlet supplied by #10/3 wiring cable
  • Spliced wires outside of a junction box
  • Installing new lighting on old wiring - newer lights can generate more heat

We can make sure your home is up to code providing safe electricity throughout all areas of your home. Call us (780) 245-4424 for an electrical inspection today.