Convenience Electrical Upgrades

There are many situations where families want to upgrade their electrical system to accommodate convenience power features that were unavailable when the home was built.

Some of the electrical convenience options listed below can be inexpensive to install while providing accessibility for devices and equipment and adding comfort to your home.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Choosing energy efficient can reduce your energy needs. Buying energy efficient lights will cost a little more but they last longer and can provide superior lighting in your home. read more

USB Outlets

There are few families without mobile or tablet devices, all of which require constant charging. Free up both outlet plugs with outlets that have built-in USB ports. We can also install charging stations in a drawer or other location so they are hidden from frequently uses areas or rooms.

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat can reduce heating and cooling with settings that allow you to shut down the HVAC system when you’re at work or away for extended periods of time. A wireless smart thermostat gives you the ability to make thermostat adjustments from a wifi connected phone, tablet or computer. Besides convenience smart thermostats will save you money with lower energy consumption.

Security Monitoring

High quality cameras and videos can keep your home safe outside and inside. With interior wifi connected monitoring systems you can use computer devices to look in on pets and children or it can provide peace of mind that your home is secure.

Home Automation

This increasingly popular digital technology can give you the ability to automate many aspects of your home including; controlling lights, heating and cooling, door locks, video security and even music selection. Voice automated systems provide even more convenience with voice activated control within the residence.

Automatic Lights

Automatic lights, are as the name implies, lights that go on automatically with motion detection or when cabinet or pantry doors are opened. These smart lights are also designed to turn off by themselves

Audio Systems

We can install audio systems with recessed ceiling or wall speakers in any or all rooms of your home. Each area has separate controls for power and volume and can include intercom systems.

Vacuum Dustbin

For homes with central vacuum systems we can install a dustbin designed for sweeping dust and dirt directly into without having to bend over.