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The lighting in a commercial building can account for 30% of all electricity consumed from the electrical system. You can reduce your building’s energy consumption and operating cost by switching to energy efficient lighting.

Commercial Lighting

Find solutions for commercial lighting from an experienced commercial electrical company in Edmonton. We can install high-quality, affordable lighting products designed to reduce operating cost providing enhanced lighting, accessibility and security for commercial or industrial buildings.

Contact Quantum Power Services for a consultation to discuss capital investment versus energy savings and improving the quality of lighting for commercial spaces.

Commercial Lighting Services

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Commercial Lighting
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Industrial Lighting
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Lower Operating Cost

Lighting technology and development in commercial lighting continues to advance at a rapid pace. New lighting products use less power offering substantial savings in operating costs. We can provide energy efficient lighting with better performance and functionality.

New fluorescent lamps along with “soft-start” electronic ballasts can provide excellent lighting and cut costs substantially. Choosing the right lamp and high frequency electronic ballast will reduce eyestrain and fatigue to allow for higher productivity.

We can guide you when selecting fixtures and lights, available with dimming, switching and occupancy sensors to provide efficiency and the brightness (lumens) and colour temperature to suit the environment inside.

Energy efficient CFLs (compact fluorescent lamp) will last longer and be up to 5 times more efficient than older incandescent lamps. You will further increase efficiency when combining them with switching, dimming or occupancy sensors.

Types of Lighting for Building Spaces

Ambient Lighting for Spaces - Linear Fluorescent Lamps feature a smaller lamp and provide excellent surface lighting or in a luminaire (one fixture containing lamp, ballast, reflective material or shielding with lenses, refractors, etc).

Wall/Ceiling/Recessed Lighting - CFLs with longer life and improved efficiency than incandescent. CFLs are available in various shapes, not just the familiar spiral shape. Colours can provide warm-white, cool white and daylight colours to enhance the aesthetic feel for most areas.

Large Surface Lighting - Inductive Fluorescent Lamps offer over 100,000 hours of life and are very efficient. Often used in place of low to medium-wattage high intensity discharge sources because they have instant-on capability.

Large Areas and Distances - High-Intensity Discharge Lamps can be 2 to 30 times better for peripheral visual detection while providing better colour stability than older lighting. Efficient with long life this lighting is now common in retail spaces.

Signage/Under-Cabinet Lighting/Decorative - LEDs (light emitting diode) technology is changing and improving with more product selection unveiled from manufacturers on a continual basis.

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