Circuit Breaker Repairs

The circuit breaker in your home protects electrical equipment and appliances as well as the wiring. Only qualified electricians should install or repair breakers as they can ensure everything is up to code and more importantly ensure your family and home are safe.

A DIY breaker installation done incorrectly can overload the wire causing fire, even within the walls of the structure, causing serious damage and possibly harm. A qualified electrician will safeguard against overload by choosing the correct wire for the application.

Older standard circuit breakers should be replaced with GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupter) or AFCI’s (arc fault circuit interrupter). An experienced electrician will determine what’s needed in your home.

Electrical Panel Breakdowns

The following problems can cause serious issues and should be inspected by licensed electricians:

  • Breakers Tripping - this can be considered an annoyance at times but if the breaker trips regularly or when a particular appliance is turned on, it could be a warning sign. Most likely the breaker could need replacing or it’s possible another circuit may be needed in your home.
  • Burning Smell - this should be considered an emergency as insulation and wiring are carrying too much load which will cause an electrical short somewhere in the system. Shut off the power first, then call an electrician.
  • Marks Caused by Scorching - can be seen not only around the circuit breaker but also an appliance or even an electrical outlet. The burned, scorched marks indicate melted wiring which is an immediate fire hazard. Shut off the power first, then call an electrician.
  • Neglected Breakers - could be considered a circuit breaker which is older than 10 years and has never been inspected or serviced. Servicing your circuit breaker will increase its lifespan and prevent multiple breakers from tripping or failing.

Remember replacing your circuit breaker is not expensive and is worth the cost considering how important it is providing safety against fire. You may also benefit with extended life of your appliances and electrical fixtures.

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